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Palsun CS: New reel lengths are real efficient.

Palsun CS Coil

As part of Palram’s continuous improvement initiatives, the Industrial Plastics team is pleased to announce that the length on all PALSUN® CS Polycarbonate Coils will be increased as stated in the table below (download PDF). Palram’s coils are constructed in a way that allows them to hold more material. The benefits of longer coil lengths are: More…

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PC Coils Ends Worthy of a Return Program

Palram Americas builds one of the best PC coil reels in the business. New improvements make it easier than ever to participate in Palram’s Coil End Return Program. The new coils feature 2’x4″ cross supports for added strength and stability, but also have no nails, making dismantling easier. Coil ends are made of solid wood, which also…

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