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New Palboard™ – A Different Breed of PVC

By Stan Schultz | Nov 5, 2017

If you’re a producer of digitally printed signs, displays, and graphics, you’re probably familiar with foam PVC, like our Palight® family of products. And you’re likely familiar with multi-layer boards or composite sheets, like ACM. But in the world of multi-layer substrates, new PALBOARD is an innovative sheet that’s like no other. Palboard combines the extra tough…

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Kevin Eitzenberger Image

Kevin Eitzenberger Joins Palram’s Marketing Team

By Stan Schultz | Nov 1, 2017

As Palram’s newest Channel Marketing Specialist for Industrial Plastics and Pro Divisions, Kevin will tap knowledge gained while working in agency, corporate, publishing, retail, trade and non-profit roles. Kevin’s expertise spans the entire spectrum of marketing, including strategic campaign development, copywriting and PR, conceptualization, design, internet, and video. As we prepared for the formal launch of PALBOARD®…

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SolarSmart Illustration

SolarSmart™: Polycarbonate glazing that controls heat & light transmission

By Tamir Horesh | Sep 15, 2017

PALRAM’S SOLARSMART™ TECHNOLOGY defies standard transmission of solar energy in transparent sheets and allows more versatile color and solar transmission specification per project. Unlike regular tints, SolarSmart sheets and panels admit more natural daylight while reflecting outwards Infrared radiation that creates heat. This characteristic breaks the traditional link between shading coefficient and light transmission, allowing…

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Hangzhou Stadium Photo

Project of the Month – Hangzhou Sports Park, China

By Tamir Horesh | Jul 20, 2017

The Challenge: As China’s largest stadium project this decade, the new 400,000 square-meter Hangzhou Sports Park features a grand stadium with alternating steel and polycarbonate flower-petals encircling the bowl’s perimeter. Nestled on the banks of the Qian Tang River, not far from the East China Sea, strong winds – and even typhoons – are not…

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Palsun® Polycarbonate pool Enclosure

Project of the Month – Palsun® Pool Cover

By Tamir Horesh | Jun 12, 2017

IN NEED OF A NEW POOL COVER to replace an aging, 20-year-old system, architect R.H. Frankland and contractor Carbolite Queensland chose Palram’s Palsun polycarbonate sheets to boost daylighting, views and performance at the 19th Avenue Holiday Apartments in Palm Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. After installing the same Palsun system on the pool cover of a…

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Palram Portland Warehouse

New Location for Palram’s Portland Warehouse

By Stan Schultz | Sep 30, 2016

We have moved our Portland Warehouse to a new location which will help to better serve our customers in the west. Located in a distribution park specifically designed for freight traffic, the new location will provide easier access for pick-up customers. And with an improved layout, more usable space, LED motion lighting, and 4 additional…

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Introducing Faster Lead Times for Custom Sizes

By Brenda Hogan | Sep 28, 2016

Palram’s PALIGHT® and PALCLEAR® PVC sheets will extend your customer’s capabilities in digital printing, display and fabrication work. We offer the broadest product line with more innovative features than any other manufacturer. And now with our new production line, we have a faster turnaround on run-to-size orders so you can meet your customer’s demands. Top…

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Palsun CS Coil

Palsun CS: New reel lengths are real efficient.

By Brenda Hogan | Aug 17, 2016

As part of Palram’s continuous improvement initiatives, the Industrial Plastics team is pleased to announce that the length on all PALSUN® CS Polycarbonate Coils will be increased as stated in the table below (download PDF). Palram’s coils are constructed in a way that allows them to hold more material. The benefits of longer coil lengths are: More…

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PC Coils Ends Worthy of a Return Program

By Brenda Hogan | Aug 15, 2016

Palram Americas builds one of the best PC coil reels in the business. New improvements make it easier than ever to participate in Palram’s Coil End Return Program. The new coils feature 2’x4″ cross supports for added strength and stability, but also have no nails, making dismantling easier. Coil ends are made of solid wood, which also…

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