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SolarSmart Illustration

SolarSmart™: Polycarbonate glazing that controls heat & light transmission

By Tamir Horesh | Sep 15, 2017

PALRAM’S SOLARSMART™ TECHNOLOGY defies standard transmission of solar energy in transparent sheets and allows more versatile color and solar transmission specification per project. Unlike regular tints, SolarSmart sheets and panels admit more natural daylight while reflecting outwards Infrared radiation that creates heat. This characteristic breaks the traditional link between shading coefficient and light transmission, allowing…

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Hangzhou Stadium Photo

Project of the Month – Hangzhou Sports Park, China

By Tamir Horesh | Jul 20, 2017

The Challenge: As China’s largest stadium project this decade, the new 400,000 square-meter Hangzhou Sports Park features a grand stadium with alternating steel and polycarbonate flower-petals encircling the bowl’s perimeter. Nestled on the banks of the Qian Tang River, not far from the East China Sea, strong winds – and even typhoons – are not…

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Palsun® Polycarbonate pool Enclosure

Project of the Month – Palsun® Pool Cover

By Tamir Horesh | Jun 12, 2017

IN NEED OF A NEW POOL COVER to replace an aging, 20-year-old system, architect R.H. Frankland and contractor Carbolite Queensland chose Palram’s Palsun polycarbonate sheets to boost daylighting, views and performance at the 19th Avenue Holiday Apartments in Palm Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. After installing the same Palsun system on the pool cover of a…

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