Palsun CS: New reel lengths are real efficient.

As part of Palram’s continuous improvement initiatives, the Industrial Plastics team is pleased to announce that the length on all PALSUN® CS Polycarbonate Coils will be increased as stated in the table below (download PDF). Palram’s coils are constructed in a way that allows them to hold more material. The benefits of longer coil lengths are:

  • More efficient manufacturing and packing
  • More efficient shipping and handling
  • Reduce coil changeovers at distributor or end user locations

In total, these changes help bolster the competitive value of Palsun CS.

This will be a rolling change as stock items are replenished. To avoid any potential issues with material storage or handling, no coil will exceed the weight of the heaviest coil prior to this change.

We have also initiated a coil return policy, details on this offer can be found here.

Please feel free to contact your regional sales manager with any questions or concerns.