PC Coils Ends Worthy of a Return Program

Palsun PC CoilPalram Americas builds one of the best PC coil reels in the business. New improvements make it easier than ever to participate in Palram’s Coil End Return Program. The new coils feature 2’x4″ cross supports for added strength and stability, but also have no nails, making dismantling easier. Coil ends are made of solid wood, which also increases strength and stability, while also decreasing overall weight.

The design, material and construction of the coil ends make them easier than ever to return, and the $10 credit per coil end makes it worth the effort to avoid disposal fees and return them to Palram instead.

Palram Coil End Return Program Summary

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Palsun Coil Return Shipping Requirements

  • Return only reusable coil ends in good condition to receive $10 credit per coil end.
  • Palram will only accept coil ends with our new and improved coil construction identified by the Green Palram logo on the coil end.

Process to Return Coil Ends: 

  • When 24 coil ends are accumulated, contact Palram’s Shipping Department at: STF_Shipping@palram.com to arrange a pick-up. Palram will not accept a return for quantities less than 24/skid.
  • Palram will facilitate and pay for freight.
  • Coil ends must be disassembled and stacked flat, with a total of 24 ends per skid. Coil ends must be banded to skid as shown in illustration above.
  • Once the coil ends are received, Palram’s Shipping Department will confirm the number of reusable coil ends and a credit will be issued ($10/coil end).
  • This applies to all customers in the US & Canada.

Info about Palsun CS: Palsun CS polycarbonate coil stock is used by high-volume users for industrial and signage applications. Purchasing Palsun in extra long lengths on a coil allows distributors and high-volume users to cut the product to length as needed, thereby reducing waste and cost. For more information about Palsun CS.