Kevin Eitzenberger Joins Palram’s Marketing Team


As Palram’s newest Channel Marketing Specialist for Industrial Plastics and Pro Divisions, Kevin will tap knowledge gained while working in agency, corporate, publishing, retail, trade and non-profit roles. Kevin’s expertise spans the entire spectrum of marketing, including strategic campaign development, copywriting and PR, conceptualization, design, internet, and video. As we prepared for the formal launch of PALBOARD® at the SGIA Expo a few weeks ago in New Orleans, Kevin proved his ability to create and shepherd a multi-channel campaign from concept to delivery.

Outside of Palram, Kevin fills his time applying creativity to home remodeling and landscaping projects, as well as abstract expressionism painting. Kevin and his wife enjoy spending time with there three daughters, respective sons-in-law and two grandchildren. For the last 10 years, Kevin has also gained fulfillment helping to establish peer-facilitated support programs for men within his community, with a goal of reinforcing a positive foundation for our society.

Kevin’s fun personality, creative spirit, and professional experience are all great additions to the Palram team, and we look forward to seeing the fruits of his labor going forward.