Project of the Month – Palsun® Pool Cover

Palsun® Polycarbonate Pool Enclosure Image

IN NEED OF A NEW POOL COVER to replace an aging, 20-year-old system, architect R.H. Frankland and contractor Carbolite Queensland chose Palram’s Palsun polycarbonate sheets to boost daylighting, views and performance at the 19th Avenue Holiday Apartments in Palm Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. After installing the same Palsun system on the pool cover of a sister apartment complex on 2nd Avenue, Carbolite was impressed with the product’s quality and recommended the system for 19th Avenue. Similarly, R.H. Frankland was familiar with the features and benefits of PC sheeting such as its lightweight advantage at less than half the weight of glass. The building team was also impressed with PC’s superior impact resistance as exemplified by its ability to withstand furniture that might be blown over the complex railing, or objects falling on the pool cover from the balcony above.

After consulting with all stakeholders, the decision was made to go with a clear sheet so that nighttime swimmers and loungers could enjoy an unobstructed view of the stars thanks to Palsun’s high, glass-like clarity. By day, pool goers are afforded an attractive view of the ocean. Sheltered from strong winds, rain and cold weather, residents can also swim in the pool year-round.

The Palram system itself is a permanent cover, fixed to an aluminum frame with an industrial powder coat finish. To assist the building team with selecting design details such as thickness, size, and radius, Palram provided all the specification details to customize the system for the application. A high-performance enclosure, sealing the transparent roof system to sliding glass doors and windows optimizes ventilation and temperature control inside the space. Always seeking technological solutions, versatility and functionality in construction and pleased with Palsun’s performance and aesthetics for the 2nd Avenue and 19th Avenue complexes, Carbolite is planning on installing the same Palram Sunlite X-lite premium sheet designed for Sydney’s ANZ Stadium on its next project: a swimming pool cover for Rivermount College in Yatala, Queensland, Australia.

The Details

Architect: R.H. Frankland Building Design & Consulting Studio
Contractor: Carbolite Queensland
Location: Gold Coast, Australia
Product: PALSUN® 8mm, clear (visit Palsun product page)
Coverage: 800 SQM