New Palboard™ – A Different Breed of PVC

Palboard Story Hero Image

If you’re a producer of digitally printed signs, displays, and graphics, you’re probably familiar with foam PVC, like our Palight® family of products. And you’re likely familiar with multi-layer boards or composite sheets, like ACM. But in the world of multi-layer substrates, new PALBOARD is an innovative sheet that’s like no other.

Palboard combines the extra tough surface quality of solid PVC with the lightweight, easy-to-work-with characteristics of foam PVC. Its core is made with high quality recycled foam PVC, and the panel itself is recyclable, too.

Print It • Cut It • Route It • V-Grove It • Cold Bend It

PALBOARD has an ultra-smooth surface that offers excellent ink-adhesion for digital or traditional printing applications. It’s easy to fabricate, can be cold-bent with a v-groove cut, and offers good mechanical strength & excellent chemical resistance, making it ideal for a wide variety of interior sign, display, or other applications.

We’ve created a special overview page for PALBOARD that’s designed to give you easy access to more info and to order a free sample.

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